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The Way and Wonder of Worship:
Western Australia Pastor's School 1995

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Worship

Book Code: 293

Pages: 70 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1995

ISBN: 0 86408 186 3

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The Way & Wonder of Worship

Way & Wonder of Worship (The)


 The following studies on The Way and Wonder of Worship are not intended by any means, to cover the whole subject. We have only twelve studies in all, along with two workshops and one seminar. Even so, the notes in this Pastors' Study Book are extremely valuable. Even the studies presented are not intended to fully cover the themes they deal with. It is envisaged that interested Pastors, Elders and Christian Workers will want to develop their reading following the School.

One of the main textbooks is The Way and Wonder of Worship, a book NCPI published in 1990, and which has been used by many, both personally and in colleges. One of its assets is a good bibliography. Unfortunately one of the best studies on worship has not been included and this is J-J. von Allmen's Worship: Its Theology and Practice (1965). Also not included are, Worship, Adoration and Practice edited by D. A. Carson (Baker, 1993); The Christian and His Worship by D. B. Knox, (Impact, 1974); and Engaging With God by J. F. White (Abingdon, 1993).

We trust that those attending this 1995 Western Australia Pastors' School will tell others that this present resource is available.

In the studies I have written I have felt the need to add new material to my own book, but one cannot go on revising book after book, and so I leave it to readers of that book-The Way and Wonder of Worship-to have these present notes to make up for material not contained in it.

I would like to add that we have quite a number of similar study books from other Pastors' Schools, and they could prove useful.

Geoffrey Bingham, 1995