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God's Covenant and Christ's Church

SA Pastors School 1995


In these days of pluralism and multiculturalism in our Australian society, we are often hard-pressed to know how to meet the radical changes in culture, and how to interpret them to our congregations in the light of the Gospel we preach. It is not only fascinating to discover that God has always had his covenant with every person in the world, but also with the creation itself.

We believe that the minds and ministries gathered together in this Pastors' School will help us to face changing society and bring hope, and love, and freedom to it. Far from being 'heavy theology', it is getting to the issues and understanding their meaning, as we develop their application. The richness of worship, the word and fellowship will also bring refreshment.

God's Covenant & Christ's Church

SA Pastors' School 1995

by various Speakers

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Covenant & Church

Book Code: 296

Pages: 90 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1995

ISBN: 0 86408 187 1

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PSCH95 G. Bingham PS95_01a.mp3 The Nature of the Covenant as One of Creation
PSCH95 G. Bingham PS95_01b.mp3 The Trinitarian Bond, the Power of Covenant
PSCH95 G. Bingham PS95_02a.mp3 The Blood of the Covenant and the Spirit of Grace
PSCH95 G. Bingham PS95_02b.mp3 Covenant and the Grace of Law
PSCH95 G. Bingham PS95_03.mp3 The Covenant of Marriage
PSCH95  D. Carter PS95_04.mp3 The Relationship of Covenant, Kingdom and Church
PSCH95 I. Pennicook PS95_05a.mp3 The Significance of Covenant of God for History and Eschatology
PSCH95 I. Pennicook PS95_05b.mp3 The Beginning of the End and the End of the Beginning
PSCH95 D. Meatheringham PS95_06a.mp3 Covenant and Revival
PSCH95 D. Meatheringham PS95_06b.mp3 Sacrifice and Worship in the Old Covenant
PSCH95 D. Meatheringham PS95_07.mp3 Sacrifice and Worship in the New Covenant
PSCH95 M. Bleby PS95_08a.mp3 Covenant as Gospel in the Local Church
PSCH95 M. Bleby PS95_08b.mp3 Idolatry or Covenant? The Perpetual Choice
PSCH95 N. Due PS95_09a.mp3 Competent Ministers of the New Covenant
PSCH95 N. Due PS95_09b.mp3 The Mediatorship of Christ as High Priest to All Nations
PSCH95 P. Green PS95_10.mp3 Covenant, Creation and Conservation
PSCH95  G. Thorpe PS95_11.mp3 Covenant and Election
PSCH95 Kazuo Sekine PS95_12.mp3 Covenant and Culture in Japan Today
PSCH95 R. James PS95_13.mp3 Covenant, Church and Culture of Australian Aborigines
PSCH95 J. Dunn PS95_14.mp3 John Bunyan, Son of the Covenant
PSCH95 S. K. Tham PS95_15.mp3 Covenant and Culture
PSCH95 N. Cannon PS95_16.mp3 Covenant and Education Today-I
PSCH95 N. Cannon PS95_16.mp3 Covenant and Education Today-II