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The Fullness of the Blessing of Christ

South Australia—1996 Pastors' School: Morning Sessions

Fullness of the Blessing of Christ (The)  

S.A. Pastors' School 1996

Morning Sessions

Evening Sessions

by Various Speakers

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Covenant Blessings

Book Code: 307

Pages: 82 pp, A4

Pub. Date: 1996

ISBN: 0 86408 200 2

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What was 'the fullness of the blessing of Christ' and how was it that Paul was certain he would come to Rome in that blessing?

In a day when many are speaking of this blessing and that blessing, is it still true that all Christians have received 'the whole blessing in Christ Jesus'? The early Christians worked with a power which ultimately conquered the world in which they moved.

We certainly need such power of blessing as they possessed and there is no reason why we should not work in such fullness.

This is what our School is about, and we are sure the worship, the word and the fellowship in the Triune God, will help us personally and bring freshness to our churches as a result. 

Titles / Speakers

The Everlasting Covenant [D. Meatheringham]
The Principle of Blessing [S. K. Tham]
Creational Blessing [A. Klynsmith]
The Fullness of the Blessing of Christ [G. Thorpe]
The History of the Blessing of God [D. Carter]
The Irrevocable Blessing [D. Meatheringham]
The Blessing of Election to Holiness [R. Mitchell]
The Blessing of Destination of Adoption [R. James]
The Fullness of the Blessing of the Spirit [I. Pennicook]
Christ's Fullness & the Church [G. Thorpe]
The Community as Blessing: A Synopsis [N. Cannon]
The Church's raison d'étre: The Proclamation of the Gospel [D. Carter]
Living in the Fullness of the Blessing of Forgiveness [J. Dunn]
The Blessing of the Community: A Synopsis [N. Cannon]
Christ's Eschatological Fullness [I. Pennicook]
Doxological Man- The return of Fullness & unity in Worship [Geoffrey Bingham]


The Blessing of Australian Indigenous Revival [Bryce Clark]
The Pastor as Blessing or Curse [D. Meatheringham]
The Blessing of Human Vocation [D. Priest]
Some Useful Comments for Study and Teaching in Theology [G. Bingham]