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The Boy in The Valley

Boy in The Valley (The)


Stories bring themselves into being, almost miraculously, as though they conceived themselves, found a mind-womb somewhere to grow, and then suddenly caused themselves to be born. The writer of them is almost incidental in his connection with their conception, gestation and birth.

Of course, it is not quite like that. Writers do have something to do with the shaping, gestating and birthing of stories, but having played their part they are always a bit astonished at the resulting yarn. I have been in this business—with some lapses—for about sixty years. I know that stories need to entertain, but I also know that there are varying levels at which people are entertained. Crass entertainment leaves the viewer, listener, or reader empty. The wise old preacher of Ecclesiastes said, ‘The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of the fools is in the house of mirth.’ Amusing Ourselves to Death is the title of a recent book, and it is a thoughtful critique of entertainment that comes through the media, and mainly that of television. The ‘house of mirth’ with all its cackling is not as useful, or fruitful, as the hen-house. Most cackles announce recent results.

I believe every story should entertain. Hours spent in ‘the house of mourning’ bring thoughtful contemplation of the human scene. Thoughtful contemplation helps to describe and interpret our human situation: hence the variety we generally find in the accumulated treasury of human fiction. One may find it difficult to change one’s personal style of writing, but varied subjects and themes can save stories from being monotonously monochrome. For me this series has been an experiment in variety, and I hope it will not only satisfy the varied tastes its readers may have, but that it will bring thoughtful satisfaction, that which I believe is the highest and the best form of entertainment. Whether we like it or not, stories are teachers.

We may not be able, ever, to ‘know the end from the beginning’, but we can be informed and enriched along our journey. I trust this volume of yarns will meet many tastes and bring substance to its readers.

Geoffrey Bingham


Boy in The Valley (The)

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Publisher: Troubadour Press

Subject: Short Stories

Book Code: 334

Pages: 277 pp

Pub. Date: 1992

ISBN: 1 87565 301 5

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