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Beyond Mortal Love

Beyond Mortal Love


Many readers found the first book of this Trilogy to be gripping, heart-catching. The characters of Strong as the Sun, they felt, should not be allowed to disappear. Besides that, the principle of true love—Agape—should be proved, and this demanded the sequel, Beyond Mortal Love.

The same characters are present, but a fascinating, indeed a unique, community reappears in a most dynamic way. The main character of both novels, Prince Balwone, helps to lead this community into acts and deeds which have never been described in any other narrative. This novel captures the medieval charm of a Prince and Princess, but these two do not conform to the general romantic ideas we attach to nobles of old. Gripped by this new kind of love in a pagan world, they suffer for what they believe. Along the way they give us much to think about, and even cause to shiver.

Gary Lee Gaston, a well-known Australian painter, has captured the time and mood of the world in which these events take place.

Troubadour Press

Beyond Mortal Love Troubadour Press,

Sequel to Strong as the Sun (second of trilogy)

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Love-Allegorical Novel

Book Code: 344

Pages: 326 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1996

ISBN: 1 875653 10 4

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