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Eclipse of Christ in Eschatology
Eclipse of Christ in Eschatology (The): Toward a Christ-Centred Approach

by Adrio Koenig

Subject: Eschatology

Book Code: 350

Pages: 248 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1999

ISBN: 0 86408 232 0


Eclipse of Christ in Eschatology

"Adrio Koenig, one of South Africa's leading theologians ... makes an impressive case for viewing the entire history of Jesus Christ as the content of eschatology, not simply his resurrection and return in glory. Koenig has mastered the best of current biblical and theological scholarship in this field and shows where most of it falls short of a radical Christocentric eschatology. This is a seminal work which will challenge the church and the theological world for some time to come."

I. John Hesselink: Western Theological Seminary

"Koenig is persuasive and provocative. His biblical and historical approach to systematic theology stays close to the pulse beat of the divine heart which we encounter in the Christ for us, in us, and with us. Eschatology has to do not with the last things but with the person of Christ, who is the first and the last One.

'With this book Koenig has pointed the way forward for a whole new generation of theological studies. This book combines critical dogmatic inquiry with careful exegetical work in the finest of the tradition in biblical theology. The result is a book on eschatology which is irenic in tone, relevant to contemporary issues, and surprising in its simplicity. This book will inspire pastors to preach once again with conviction on the eschatological themes essential to Christian life and faith. It might also put eschatology back once again into the theological curriculum!"

Ray S. Anderson: Fuller Theological Seminary

Adrio Koenig is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of South Africa, Pretoria. His previous books include New and Greater Things: Reevaluating the Biblical Message on Creation.