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Comprehending the Family of God and Man

Comprehending the Family of God & Man

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Publisher: NCPI

Subject: Family

Book Code: 351

Pages: 51 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1999

ISBN: 0 86408 229 0

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The Comprehending Series

This popular series is written in a format easy to handle, read and understand. The subjects dealt with are those which constantly come up in conversation, confront us often in life, and are helpful in gaining knowledge and wisdom.


Comprehending the Family of God & Man


Having written often on the matter of the human family and its relationships, I suppose I thought I had covered most material. Of course, I hadn't. As time has progressed I have discovered the illusion under which many of us have lived: namely that we have loved sufficiently. Many of us would admit there have been big holes in much of our loving, but on the whole we have tried to do our best, and probably we have done that.

For me the discovery that human love—which in this book I call eros—though often of a high quality, is nevertheless, at core, not good enough for true human relationships. How this is so is explained in this book. Here I just want to say that eros was the highest quality of love the Greeks knew. The word was not particularly used for sexual relationships, though it may have contained these. It was used for what we easily call selfless love. In human relationships there can be selfless love. Even so, when tested to the extreme, this love is shown not to be wholly selfless. Initially it is given with enthusiasm, with devotion and even with intensity. Such loving can be exciting, stimulating. Should the person who is loving discover his or her love is not fully appreciated, and when returns for that love are denied, then eros breaks down. Sometimes it can have dreadful results. With millions of divorces on our scoreboard and resultant family suffering we see the failure of much eros.

It is agape or Divine love which is the true love. This love does not start with us but with God. The human race has to learn much about this love. It has to come to us from God and flow through us to others. In fact it begins with what we call God's covenantal Being which includes all human beings in His love. For many, God's covenant is but a contract, a set of conditions based on law which a person has to observe in order to win God's love and favour. This concept is utterly wrong. A contractual God would breed contractual people, and persons who think God is contractual will themselves be contractual in their relationships. Contractual relationships are a major disaster. If love is called for they will love in eros and this will determine marital and familial relationships of a difficult nature.

If God's covenant with His creation is seen as unconditional love, then it will evoke love for Him and love for others. We cannot here open up this vast subject, but it is what this book is about. Having written a number of books about contractual love and unconditional love and having seen much good response to these, I am confident that this small book may prove to be of value to persistent readers.

I trust so, and send it forth with the hope that it may lead many into a new type and world of relationships-true love relationships.

Geoffrey Bingham

March, 1999