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All Cry, 'Glory!'

All Cry, 'Glory!'ABOUT THIS BOOK

The story of glory and holiness makes up what we call 'Salvation History'. It is not just a history, which could be dull, but the story of Man's being created in the glory of God; his loss of that glory; of God showing His glory in creation, in Israel, in Christ, and again in Man; leading up to the glory in which Christ shall come, and the glorification of Man and the whole creation. This is a fascinating story, especially as we are involved in it. It takes note of how glorious Man was, how he lost the glory, felt the pain of that loss, exchanged God's glory for the (so-called) glory of the idols. History tells us how God confronts us with His glory and holiness in so many ways that we cannot say He has hidden it.

In this story is also Man's endeavour to develop a glory which will make up for what he has lost. Hence human glory, the glory of what he makes, and the glory of the idols. His attempts at self-glorification are pitiful when seen from the viewing point of death. God's glory is that He selects Israel to teach it and the world His glory and His holiness. This only succeeds partly, and it is not until Christ comes that the glory and holiness of God can truly be seen.

One of the keys to the matter of sanctification and glorification lies in the fact that it was God's intention, even before He created the world, to glorify and sanctify us. The fall of Man in Eden could not destroy that plan, nor could the powers of darkness prevent it. To have the goal of glory and holiness before us is to have a purposeful life. To share that glory with others is one of our deepest joys. To tell to the world what Paul calls 'the gospel of the glory of Christ' is a wonderful privilege and ministry.

So, then, this book should be both interesting and useful. It should help us to see afresh the 'glory of His grace', to grow 'from one stage of glory to another', and ultimately to be 'to the praise of His glory'.

All Cry, 'Glory!'

Geoffrey BIngham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Glory, Glorification

Book Code: 355

Pages: 123 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1990

ISBN: 0 86408 233 9

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