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The Story of the Rice Cakes

Story of the Rice Cakes (The)ABOUT THIS BOOK

Many years ago I wrote about what I have called 'The Story of the Rice Cakes'. One account was written in a volume titled Angel Wings, and the other in a novel called Tall Grow the Tallowwoods. For some time it has been in my mind to open up historical material which was not included in these two accounts.

My desire has been to enlarge the background and show how significant the event was for me, the writer; the idea being that it might prove significant for readers. Many folk have told me that it has been notable for them: they have never forgotten the story. Others have said it has been crucial for their lives, and for moral understanding.

I have had some fifty-five years to think about the event of the rice-cakes, and so many things have come to me because of that contemplation. I am sure the account will surpass the former written account, and prove helpful to attendant readers.

So, with that thought and hope, we send out this small book.

Geoffrey Bingham

November 1998

Kingswood, South Australia

Story of the Rice Cakes (The)
The Search for Sanity in a POW Camp

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Autobiographical Story, Moral Power

Book Code: 356

Pages: 39 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1999; reprinted 2006

ISBN: 0 86408 281 9

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