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Giving and Thanksgiving in the Church

Pastors  School 2000-South Australia

Morning Sessions

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Giving and Thanksgiving in the Church: Adelaide Ministry School 2000: Morning Sessions

Subject: giving

Book Code: 362

Pages: 103 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2000

ISBN: 0 86408 239 8

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Giving and Thanksgiving in the Church


Today Christian ‘giving’ seems to be only in terms of money and techniques to ensure that church finances are secure. This is not the primary matter of the Bible—or the Pastors’ School—although it does come under consideration.

The heart of the subject is that God is the only Giver, that there is a circuit of His giving, that is, our receiving from God and our giving to the world out of the gifts we have been given. There is worship in which we give to God what we have received from Him directly and through the giving of others.

This is the practical worship of thanksgiving that completes the Divine–human gift of giving. It involves grace towards thankless, sinful human beings and the brilliant transformation of their lives which leads towards theosis, i.e. the participation in God Himself.

Church living and church giving can lead to deadness whilst being in the circuit of giving— God to Man to God and Man and on again to God can bring beautiful and transforming lives— ‘God so loved that He gave!’

Morning Sessions

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Session Title
Cain and Abel—The Giving and the Not Giving Robin Mitchell
Israel and Sacrifice—I Deane Meatheringham
Sacrifice and Thanksgiving Andrew Klynsmith
The Gift of Propitiation and Its Fruits Randall Lawton
The Gifts to Israel Ian Pennicook
God’s Giving and Gifts in Creation Grant Thorpe
New Testament Principles of Giving—II Corinthians 8-9 John Dunn
Dorea, Domata and Charismata Siew Kiong Tham
Israel and Sacrifice—II Deane Meatheringham
The Fullness of the Blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—I Geoffrey Bingham
The Blessing of Eternal Life Colin Jones
The Abundancy of Grace Rod James
The Fullness of the Blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—II Geoffrey Bingham
The Gifts in and for Love—Forever Martin Bleby