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Comprehending the Fruitfulness of God

Comprehending the Fruitfulness of God


'Comprehending Fruitfulness' might seem to be a minor exercise. Whilst we recognise it is a good exercise to have, yet we might miss the important fact that fruitfulness is what we are created for; it is what we are about as being human in God's world.

Today it has become customary to think that to put ourselves first is the norm of human living. Actually it is a debased form of living. Christ did not come to be a human being to show some ideal we might follow, one such as he seemed to set forth. That is, he did not teach us to seek to be a source of life for others by our fruitfulness, as though it were a fine ideal. He showed us that being fruitful is the only way of truly living. Love does not seek after its own, but seeks blessing and enrichment for others. In doing so, this love is not being idealistic but normal. To be self-centred is selfish. To bear fruit for others-which is what every tree and vine does-is to be normal.

Having come to this understanding over many years, and having taught it to others and having seen the outcome of this confrontation of being truly human, I am convinced that this little book could be a source of enrichment to those who will read it. I trust many will read it and be taken up into the sphere of action which is the most delightful of all—fruitbearing!

Geoffrey Bingham

August, 2000


Comprehending the Fruitfulness of God

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Serving

Book Code: 367

Pages: 136 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 2000

ISBN: 0864082428

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