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Comprehending the Resurrection

Comprehending the Resurrection


One of the great realities of the Christian faith which we often take too easily for granted is Christ's Resurrection. The reason for this may be that resurrection reminds us of the fact of death. We do not like to be reminded of death. In fact it is the doctrine of Christ's Resurrection which relieves us of the fear of death.

The Resurrection also opens up the present possibilities of life. Will we always have at the back of our mind that eventually we will have to face death, and will this unspoken idea haunt us somewhat? The Resurrection not only teaches us that there is no need to fear death, it also tells us that in this life we can have moral and spiritual resurrection which will bring the sweetness of newness, the surprise and pleasure of being 'new creations'.

So much is packed into the doctrine of Christ's Resurrection that we will rebuke ourselves for having missed out on so much that is delightful and refreshing.

Paul the Apostle also spoke of 'the power of his [Christ's] resurrection' as a force and power we can know in life. We need such power to cope with many of the problems and difficulties we meet as we grow in life and mature.

For this reason this little book has tried to set up the details of Christ's Resurrection, so that we can understand what to us may have been an almost closed subject. I hope many will take advantage of a small treatment of a wonderful subject.

Geoffrey Bingham

September, 2000


Comprehending the Resurrection

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Resurrection, Christian Life

Book Code: 368

Pages: 48 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 2000

ISBN: 0 86408 243 6

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