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Christ's Gospel to God's World

Pastors' School 2001

Christ's Gospel to God's World

Pastors School 2001

by various speakers

Subject: Proclamation

Book Code: 374

Pages: 131 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2001

ISBN: 0 86408 253 3

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Chrits Gospel to God's World

Whose world is this, and what is happening in it?

The Bible tells us that the earth is the Lord's, that God is our Father, our Redeemer from of old, and that He is accomplishing all things according to His counsel and will.

Central to this purpose of God is the gospel of Christ—the gospel which is Christ himself in his person and work, and the gospel which Christ himself proclaims through his servants in this age.

By the Spirit we confess, 'Jesus is Lord!' to the glory of God the Father. The gospel issues in our full participation in the divine nature, as the Bride of Christ at work with him in God's creation.

How is what we do in our churches to be determined wholly by this gospel, and by this great purpose of God? 

The studies in this book have been prepared by a number of Christian teachers and pastors for presentation at the New Creation Teaching Ministry Pastors' Schools, in South Australia and Western Australia, in July and August 2001. Coming from the experience of practical ministry, they address these questions from within the full-orbed perspective of the Scriptures.

Christ's Gospel to God's World

Pastors School 2001

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Session Titles and Speakers

The Earth Is the Lord's Ian Pennicook
God Always on Mission Colin Jones
Chosen in Christ Ian Pennicook
The Sending of the Son Geoffrey Bingham
The Preaching of Jesus Robin Mitchell
Not Ashamed of the Gospel Martin Bleby
Anointed to Proclaim Geoffrey Bingham
The Gospel Which I Preach Is Christ Himself Deane Meatheringham
The Gospel of Christ Andrew Klynsmith
The Gospel and the Conflict Randall Lawton
Proclaiming Great Joy Ian Pennicook
The Gospel of Glory Martin Bleby
'By the Power of Signs and Wonders' Geoffrey Bingham
The Commissioning and the Suffering Rod James
The Gospel and the Prophetic Community Noel Due
Proclaiming Great Judgment Martin Bleby
The Fruit of the Gospel in the World Siew Kiong Tham
Life and Immortality to Light through the Gospel Grant Thorpe
The Power Which Breaks the Power Trevor Faggotter
All in All: The Compassionate Community Geoffrey Bingham

Workshop: 'Eager to Preach': An Introduction to 'Mission to Islam and Beyond' Geoffrey Bingham