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Christ and the Triune Glory

Christ and the Triune GloryAbout this Book

So many books have been written on Christology, that is, the Person and Work of Christ, that it seems superfluous to print yet another. The only excuse for this book could be that it has been written for minds which have not been conditioned by a textbook style, a conventional repetition of what is generally known, and what have been called 'safe' conclusions.

This book seeks to penetrate into hidden corners and find new insights, whilst at the same time applying what can be known of Christ to practical daily living. The story of Christ is of the promised Messiah of Israel who turns out to be the very Son of God and is, in fact, 'God with us' in a way which He had never been with us, and who now is for ever with us. Every word and every act of him is significant, and important to us who have come to know him. He is alive today, and through the powerful Holy Spirit he comes to us personally, bringing the riches of his Incarnation, his becoming man, and through his work of the Cross, his rising from death, his ascending into heaven and his perpetual reigning there. Every day this man not only confronts us, but he loves us and aids us in our daily living. Of course his Person, his Life and Work have changed the whole meaning of human living on this planet. Any book, indeed every book which is trustworthy, will help us to know him better. We are sure this book will be worth the reading and the unveiling of the secrets of him who is both Son of God, and Son of Man.

The Rev. Geoffrey Bingham (1919-2009), an Anglican clergyman, a teacher of interstate and international experience, was a missionary with the Church Missionary Society, Principal of the Pakistan Bible Institute and of the Bible College of South Australia, an Executive Director of New Creation Ministries.

Title: Christ and the Triune Glory

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Christology

Book Code: 376

Pages: 239 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2001

ISBN: 0 86408 236 3

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