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Comprehending Justification

Comprehending Justification

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Justification, righteousness

Book Code: 384

Pages: 38 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 2002

ISBN: 0 86408 250 9

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Comprehending Justification


The theme we have take up in this book is of immense practical importance to us. It raises the questions, 'How can a person be righteous before God?' 'How can a person have the past obliterated, so to speak, and proceed in life as acquitted from all guilt and forgiven all sin?' 'Even if God pitied us could He rightly commit us as righteous where such an act would seem to be contrary to the law?' We might look enviously at those who claim they stand before God and the Law with out being guilty, that we might shake our heads at such an arrogant claim.

This book does not evade the issues which need to be faced. The human conscience with law, with the possibilities of judgement and punishment and of final failure of a person as a human being.

The answer certainly lies within this written treatment of justification. It is worth the trouble of giving time to see what the author is saying. It is not trite to say that t could be life changing. If understand and acted upon.

Geoffrey Bingham, 2002

The Rev Geoffrey Bingham (1919-2009) an Anglican clergyman a teacher of interstate and international experience, was a missionary with the Church Missionary Society, principal of the Pakistan Bible Institute and of the Bible College of SA and executive director of New Creation Ministries.



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