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Adelaide Ministry School 2002

Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword

Ministry School 2002

Subject: Holy Spirit

Book Code: 385

Pages: 133 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2002

ISBN: 0 86408 261 4

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ministry school 2002 book coverSummary: 

God never does anything apart from his word. That is, he speaks and it is (and not merely was) so. He has no need of anything other than that. Creation was by his word, he directed Israel by his word and, climactically, that word became flesh-God spoke by his Son. Now all things are accomplished by the Word become flesh, even to the subduing of the nations.

Our task is to be men and women of the word. While that does and must mean that we will be men and women of the Scriptures, it means more than that. It means that we must live in continuous hearing and in wondrous, trembling submission to him who speaks. It is too easy for us to become masters of the written word while failing to be servants of the living Word.


Session Title
Study 1 Crisis in the World and the Church Ian Pennicook
Study 2 Creation and Re-creation by the Word Siew Kiong Tham
Study 3 The Word Always Spoken-and Opposed Deane Meatheringham
Study 4 The Word Comes to Israel Andrew Klynsmith
Study 5 Faith and the Word Ian Pennicook
Study 6 The Word for the Church Geoffrey Bingham
Study 7 Meditating on the Law Martin Bleby
Study 8 My Servants the Prophets: The Word of God and the Plan of God Deane Meatheringham
Study 9 My Servants the Prophets: The Word of Judgment Hendrik Schoemaker
Study 10 True Word: False Word Trevor Faggotter
Study 11 The Word in the Church Geoffrey Bingham
Study 12 The Word Become Flesh: The Truth of the Father Rod James
Study 13 The Word Became Flesh: Revelation as Personal and Propositional Encounter Robin Mitchell
Study 14 The Word of the Cross Martin Bleby
Study 15 Serving the Word Randall Lawton
Study 16 The Word from the Church Geoffrey Bingham
Study 17 The Authority of the Scriptures Ian Pennicook
Study 18 A Passion to Proclaim Grant Thorpe
Study 19 The Lion on the Road Martin Bleby
Study 20 Skilled in the Word of Righteousness Geoffrey Bingham