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The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Christ Pouring out His Spirit in the Last Days

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Christ Pouring out His Spirit in the Last Days

Geoffrey Bingham

Author: Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Holy Spirit

Book Code: 389

Pages: 47 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2003

ISBN: 0 86408 262 2

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Baptism in the Holy Spirit


This booklet goes straight to the heart of the matter. Christ with and by the Father has poured out his Spirit for these last days, the days which began at Pentecost and will conclude in the hour of Christ's coming and presence. It is both stimulating and demanding to be living in this last era of human history. Without the power of the Holy Spirit we cannot live as we ought. Enormous changes have been taking place and are taking place. Christians not only have to face these matters, but they are also to proclaim the Kingdom of God and live in faith, hope and love at the same time. They are to be one with Christ whilst he is putting down great powers and rulers and evils until the end comes and he delivers the Kingdom to the Father. Without his pouring out of the Spirit on us we cannot begin to do a thing. Being baptised by this outpouring alters everything.

Read the booklet and understand the meaning of being baptised in the Holy Spirit.


About the author

Geoffrey Bingham (1919-2009) had years of Christian learning and teaching in many countries. Once Principal of two Bible Colleges and leader for almost thirty years in New Creation Teaching Ministry, he was tirelessly occupied with the Scriptures, constantly learning them and teaching them. His life was rooted in his own substantial family, in the human community, and in the rough and tumble of contemporary living and so he was able to speak to these things through books such as this