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The Wrath of His Love

Studies in the Wrath of God and of Man

The Wrath of His Love: Studies in the Wrath of God and of Man

© Geoffrey Bingham

Author: Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Reconciliation

Book Code: 392

Pages: 86 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2003

ISBN: 0 86408 263 0

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These are days when God's love is much spoken about, but to say that God has wrath or can be wrathful is taboo in many pulpits and pews. The idea of divine wrath is relegated to ages when people believed in a grim and judgmental God, and not in the splendidly loving God we have discovered in this more liberal day. The writer is not out simply to defend the idea of God having wrath, but to break through superficial thinking on the subject to show that unless we understand God's wrath we will never really arrive at His love. Peter Forsyth once said, 'Nothing will satisfy the conscience of man, which does not first satisfy the conscience of God'. A person with a purified conscience is a happy person. God's wrath is against that which maims and demeans humanity. The God of long-suffering does not have a short fuse. His wrath is not 'off the cuff'. It always presses on in the interests of love and a peaceful conscience for the human race.

The Wrath of His Love is an important book. It is a small book which deals with a large principle. It will be worth the attention it demands. For some it will be the discovery of God's love.


Geoffrey Bingham (1919-2009) had years of Christian learning and teaching in many countries. Once Principal of two Bible Colleges and leader for almost thirty years in New Creation Teaching Ministry, he was tirelessly occupied with the Scriptures, constantly learning them and teaching them. His life was rooted in his own substantial family, in the human community, and in the rough and tumble of contemporary living and so he was able to speak to these things through books such as this.