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God and Prayer

God & Prayer

Can we say that God has called human creatures to be, through prayer, nothing less than God's fellow-workers in all that God is doing? That God has so ordered all things, that our prayers play a vital and indispensable role in the accomplishment of God’s plan for the creation? That our prayers, given to God and assisted by God, actually serve to determine the course of history? That God has designed us to be His prayer-partners in this great enterprise?

This book is not just a devotional manual. Through daily Bible-readings with notes over a number of weeks, it opens up to us the vast dimensions of God's purpose for His creation, and of our participation in that with Him in prayer.

Where must we be, and what must we know, to be able to pray in this way? When we have abandoned this high calling and sought to go our own way without God, can we still pray ‘out of the depths’, and will God hear us? What is essential to true prayer?

Suitable for use by individual persons, or in groups, this book will help to raise up a people who rightly call on God's name, and whose prayers are powerful and effective.


Martin Bleby, an Anglican minister (wife Vivien and children), has been involved in pastoral ministry and teaching for over thirty years. He chronicles the discovery of the freedom he found in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, in a biographical book published by New Creation, 'The Vinedresser: An Anglican Meets Wrath and Grace.'

Rev. Martin Bleby

by Rev. Martin Bleby

Subject: Prayer

Book Code: 396

Pages: 216 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2004

ISBN: 0 86408 266 5

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