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Grace upon Grace: The Action of Redemption

Ministry School 2004

Grace upon Grace: The Action of Redemption

Author: Various

Subject: Grace, Redemption

Book Code: 399

Pages: 175 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2004

ISBN: 0 86408 269 x

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Grace upon Grace

'The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation' (Titus 2:11). God's grace is God in action through holy love to save us when we cannot save ourselves—from sin, evil and death, into God's favour, goodness and life.

Notions of easy or soft 'grace' infer that evil and sin are something that has happened to us as helpless victims, rather than what we have wilfully and culpably perpetrated in defiance of God. God's implacable opposition to all such evil requires that we see true saving grace in the light of God and His law and His wrath, of judgment and punishment, and the battle against the powers of Satan, the rebellious world-system, and our self-serving flesh. Our full reconciliation with God as He is has required nothing less than the giving of His Son, totally identified with us and substituted for us, to the final judgment of sinners and all sin and evil in the suffering and death of the cross, and to the victorious resurrection and eternal reigning, that we might live with Him.

Our living, loving and serving in this life now and in the age to come are no less governed and supplied by this redeeming grace-action of God. Jesus has come with the Father's glory, in the power of God's Spirit, 'full of grace and truth', and `from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace' (John 1:14, 16).


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Ministry School 2004

Session Titles

SCH064_01 The God of all Grace Ian Pennicook
SCH064_02 The Fall of Man and the Need of Grace Martin Bleby
SCH064_03 Human Sin and the Implacability of Law and Punishment Geoffrey Bingham
SCH064_04 The Covenants and Grace John Dunkley
SCH064_05 Stating the State of Fallen Humanity Deane Meatheringham
SCH064_06 Man's Existential State of Sinfulness Geoffrey Bingham
SCH064_07 Israel and the Kingdom of God Siew Kiong Tham
SCH064_08 The Grace of God has Appeared Andrew Klynsmith
SCH064_09 Christ's Redemptive Grace Ian Pennicook
SCH064_10 Grace in the Epistle to the Hebrews Ian Pennicook
SCH064_11 The Power of the Word of the Cross, of His Resurrection, of the Holy Spirit Geoffrey Bingham
SCH064_12 Great Grace was upon the Church Rod James
SCH064_13 The Grace that Disciplines Randall Lawton
SCH064_14 The Enemies Defeated: Joy Imparted Robin Mitchell
SCH064_15 The Grace of God and the Gifts He Gives for Service and Ministry Grant Thorpe
SCH064_16 Sin Deprives and Depraves: Grace Restores to True Worship Geoffrey Bingham
SCH064_17 Craetion, Decreation and Recreation Geoffrey Bingham
SCH064_18 Grace is generally linked with the Gift and Power of Proclamation Rod James
SCH064_19 The Grace that is Coming to You at the Revelation of Jesus Christ Deane Meatheringham
SCH064_20 The Climax of Grace in the New Heaven and the New Earth and the Holy City Martin Bleby
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Study 2 The Fall of Man and the Need of Grace Siew Kiong Tham
Study 6 The Grace of God has Appeared Rod James
Study 14 The Climax of Grace Ian Pennicook