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God Speaking: Authority and Interpretation in the Scriptures

Title: God Speaking: Authority and Interpretation in the Scriptures

Author: Martin Bleby

Subject: The Bible

Book Code: 408

Pages: 152 pp, book

Pub. Date: 2006

ISBN: 0 86408 282 7

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Does God speak with human beings, in ways we can receive and act upon? Does God speak to us through the Bible? Was it only in days of old, or is it to us now as well? How does what is written in the Bible relate to God speaking with us then, and now? How do we know? Can we be sure? Can we understand what we read or hear? How should it be interpreted? Does it apply to our lives now?

This book seeks to bring some humble and sanctified sense to bear on these questions, at a time when people who claim to honour and be faithful to the Scriptures come up with widely differing and even opposed conclusions on vital matters of faith and practice. How are these different interpretations arrived at, and how can we discern and assess the value of these conclusions? What unhelpful assumptions do we hold ourselves in this regard, that need to be subjected to wider scrutiny?

The Scriptures themselves, and two thousand years of Christian history in which the Scriptures have been reverently received and read and taught, can teach us much. Is it possible to arrive at sound conclusions on the contentious issues of our day, simply from what the Scriptures say, as a whole, on their own terms? We may find that this quest has as much to do with attitude of heart as with soundness of mind. For ‘this is the one to whom I will look’, says God: ‘to the humble and contrite in spirit, who trembles at my word’.



Martin Bleby, an Anglican minister (wife Vivien and children), has been involved in pastoral ministry and teaching for nearly thirty years. He chronicles the discovery of the freedom he found in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, in a biographical book published by New Creation, 'The Vinedresser: An Anglican Meets Wrath and Grace.'