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Christian Freedom: Crisis and Process

Title: Christian Freedom: Crisis and Process

Author: Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Freedom in Christ

Book Code: 409

Pages: 34 pp, booklet

Pub. Date: 2006

ISBN: 0 86408 287 8

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Human freedom, highly prized and sought after, eludes us when we see it as freedom from restrictions to pursue our own agenda. True freedom can only ever be the freedom of love and obedience in relationship with the God who made us and is bringing us to Himself.

Jesus pointed out that, while we may live under the illusion that weare‘free’,we are actually in fearful enslavement to whatever we have given ourselves to. ‘Everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.’ This leaves us as helpless prey to all kinds of adversaries: the devil, whose will we have submitted to, the alluring expectations of the world, the tyrannical demands of our idols, the uncontrolled lusts of our own flesh, and the final judgement of death. God Himself, in His law and His wrath, is opposed to us in this state, and our own consciences give us no peace.

Jesus Christ is the one who, as the Son of God, embodies and exercises true human freedom, in a way that confronts and exposes our bondages. ‘If the Son makes you free’, he said, ‘you will be free indeed’. On the cross, he has broken the nexus of our guilt by taking it upon himself, to bring us out of these enslave­ments into ‘the freedom of the glory of the children of God’.

This study booklet, best read with an open Bible in which all the references are looked up, is a reprint of Living Faith Studies 9 (1981).