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They Will Reign on Earth: Christ's Kingly Community

Ministry School 2007

Title: They Will Reign on Earth
(Ministry School 2007)

Author: Various

Subject: the Kingdom of God

Book Code: 411

Pages: 158 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2007

ISBN: 978 0 86408 291 6

Ministry School 2007 (5 meg)


They Will Reign on Earth’ is a strange promise in our world. In many places the church is a defeated minority, battling against secular and religious forces bent on its destruction. Elsewhere the church, while numerically significant, even seems unable to reign over its own affairs, moral or financial. In the midst of this, there are those who sing the songs of Zion loudly, like advertising jingles to convince the faithful, while others withdraw into their outmoded shells and await the eschaton.

Yet the promise stands, and it was always intended to be taken seriously. Christ has ‘made us a kingdom, priests serving his God and Father’! How can the church know the reality of this salvation today? In 2005 and 2006 we examined the church as ‘prophetic’ and ‘priestly’ and this year we will see that the church, for all its weakness and faults, is the community which participates in the victory of Christ the King and which is set for the climax when Christ, having subdued all his enemies, will hand over the kingdom to God the Father.

This school does not attempt to tell us how to manage our affairs better or to convince people that things are, perhaps, better than they may appear. Our goal is to see afresh the great rule of God the Father and the triumph of the Son and to call us to a participation in all of that in the simplicity of faith which has been given.