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Jews, Gentiles and the People of God

Jews, Gentiles and the People of God

Author: Ian D Pennicook

Subject: the People of God

Book Code: 412

Pages: 73 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2007

ISBN: 978 0 86408 293 3

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Who cares about Jews, Gentiles and the People of God? Actually many people do, so much so that the subject even affects world politics. But this is not a book about politics. It is an attempt to set out the way that the scriptures themselves not only teach about the topic but actually reflect it as well. The early church taught the great matters of salvation, justification by grace through faith, the holiness of the people of God and the hope of glory, but they did so within the context of their own life as consciously either Jews or Gentiles.

Probably most of us never think in these terms. Still the issue is of vast importance, because the way we understand the plan of God as it is revealed in the Scriptures will determine our understanding of mission and our place within it.

This is not a book to be lightly skimmed, but one which will engage our minds as well as our hearts. Read it with your Bible opened.