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The Wisdom of God and the Healing of Man

Ministry School 2008

Title: The Wisdom of God and the Healing of Man
(Ministry School 2008)

Author: Various

Subject: the Wisdom of God

Book Code: 417

Pages: 186 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2008

ISBN:978 0 86408 297 8

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417The Wisdom of God and the Healing of Man

We live in a world of competing ‘wisdoms’: Vote for me! Use my system! This method works! What is more, in so much of this, the church has become no different from the world, so that many people in Christian ministry are constantly bombarded by new models of ministry and church life and more. Just staying current is a major burden.

What if there is a wisdom that is unchanging, because it is eternal? What if the wisdom of God were the reality to which we could turn without any embarrassment or shame, and what if it was so simple that even a child could ask and receive it?

Well, that is the way it is. The wisdom of God is not a system, not a model or a method to be learned: it is God in his eternal plan and purpose which is actually effective in all of life and history because he himself is at work. To be truly wise is to be at one with the wisdom of God.

This Ministry School does not teach techniques. It does, we trust, show us from the Scriptures what God has revealed, and will warmly encourage each person to be fully engaged in the action of God’s true wisdom in Christ.