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Shepherds after God's Own Heart

Ministry School 2010

Title: Shepherds after God's Own Heart
(Ministry School 2010)

Author: Various

Subject: Jesus the Shepherd

Book Code: 425

Pages: 186 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 2010

ISBN:978 0 86408 308 1

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Shepherds after God's Own Heart

The church is under pressure, and not only from outsiders either. Pastors are often driven to distraction by people who think that the pastor ought to be the manager of an organisation and that the church should prosper under his leadership. As a result, many have left the ministry and churches struggle to find new marketing strategies to reach a world that now sees them as irrelevant.

But what if we were to see that there is a pastor, a shepherd who knows exactly what he is about in history and who is very good at it? And what if the church saw those who are called to be pastors as having what the Bible identifies as a noble task? And more yet: What if the church could stop trying to manage its own affairs and simply be ‘the sheep of his pasture’?

This Ministry School opens up the wonder of knowing that God, and in particular Jesus Christ, is the great shepherd of the sheep. It will also encourage those in the role of ‘under-shepherds’ to be fulfilled in their roles and encourage the church to be content knowing its true shepherd does all things well.

1.     Knowing the Heart of God  Ian Pennicook
2.     The True Shepherd   Siew Kiong Tham
3.     The True Shepherd and His World   Jonathan Button
4.     The Noble Flock of God Randall Lawton
5.     Sheep without a Shepherd Rod James
6.     David: The Shepherd–King of Israel Martin Bleby
7.     The Noble Task Grant Thorpe
8.     The True Servants Derek Schiller
9.     The Shepherd and His Gifts  Trevor Faggotter
10.   The Gift of the Spirit and Pastors  James Krieg
11.   The Ministry of the Word 1: The Good Shepherd Feeds His Flock Andrew Klynsmith
12.   The Ministry of the Word 2: The Written Word Siew Kiong Tham
13.   The Ministry of the Word 3: The Proclaimed Word Martin Bleby
14.   On Being Pastors of the Cross Ian Pennicook
15.   The Pastor and the Gift of the Spirit Deane Meatheringham
16.   The Shepherd Loves the Flock Martin Bleby
17.   The Church and the Spirit’s Fullness Randall Lawton
18.   True Submission in the Church Deane Meatheringham
19.   The True Shepherd Works His Service  Trevor Faggotter
20.    All with the Goal in View Ian Pennicook