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A Quiet Revival: Geoffrey Bingham in Life and Ministry

Title: A Quiet Revival: Geoffrey Bingham in Life and Ministry

Author: Martin Bleby

Book Code: 430

Pages: Book

Pub. Date: 2012

ISBN: 978 0 86408 315 9 

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A Quiet Revival: Geoffrey Bingham in Life and Ministry

The story of ‘a quiet revival’—God’s deep work of love and grace in the life of a man and his wife, that had flowed out richly through preaching, teaching, writing and personal ministry into the lives of so many others, impacting churches and communities in Australia and overseas over several decades.

Should a ‘revival’ be ‘quiet’? Geoffrey was not averse to noisier revivals. Revival, characterised by ‘an awesome sense of the presence of God, an overwhelming awareness of the seriousness of sin, an increasing longing for the knowledge of God, an unusual evidence of transformed lives, and a significant passion for the salvation of the lost’, had accompanied Geoffrey’s ministry in a number of places, with unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power. He had written extensively on the subject.

But for the most part it had been a case of ‘preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching’—what he called the raising of ‘the spiritual water-table’ by ‘preaching the Scriptures, and especially the great themes’ with a view to an eventual ‘great outflowing of grace and the Spirit in the truth of Christ’, brought about by ‘the power of the gospel proclaimed in the power of the Spirit’.