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Music for Psalms by Martin Bleby

Psalm 130

Psalm 131

Martin Bleby


Martin, an Anglican minister (wife Vivien and children), has been involved in pastoral ministry and teaching for over thirty years. He chronicles the discovery of the freedom he found in the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus, in a biographical book published by New Creation, 'The Vinedresser: An Anglican Meets Wrath and Grace.'

Martin is on the Team at New Creation.



Words and Music by Martin Bleby

all of these songs are in the New Creation Hymn Book

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800 CD

801 Cassette

The Day I Died

Songs of New Birth: The Day I Died




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Note: Those hymns composed by people associated with the New Creation Teaching Ministry can be used without permission, provided: (i) the words are not altered; (ii) such use will bring no financial gain; and (iii) appropriate copyright procedures are followed, including acknowledgement of the author/composer.