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The Church, Life and Relationships

Title: Church, Life & Relationships (The)

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Church

Book Code: 026

Pages: 114 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1984

ISBN: 0 94985 178 7

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Church, Life & Relationships (The)

The church is a historical fact or happening. It has been in existence for nearly two milleniums. However it may be liked or disliked it is a very powerful factor in the world, and has been to varying degrees in the time of its existence.

There are, however, theological questions which have to be asked, such as, “Is the church a viable institution, that is does it have a right to exist? Is it indeed God’s appointed fellowship or community for His purposes, or has it happened fortuitously? Is it some accident of history, or has it merely come into being because some people chose to divert from Judaism, and enlarged their sect known as ‘the Way’?” These are reasonable questions and at least awaken us from the conditioning some of us have had, namely the idea that since the church has always been there it is authentic, and its existence must be accepted.

Some of the points we will have to consider are, “Did Christ actually form the church? Is it in accordance with Jewish prophecies, or apart from them, and even opposed to them? Was it in fact a sect of the apostles at Jerusalem, or the brainchild of a man like Paul? If valid, does it have continuity with the old Jewish congregation? If viable, then what is its real reason for being, and what is its function or functions?”

The Church, Life and Relationships

BSLR—[G. Bingham]

This series has practical interest for all. How do salvation, the knowledge of God, the true people of God, work out in life? The answers are discussed in the tapes and notes.