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Christ's Cross over Man's Abyss

Title: Christ's Cross over Man's Abyss

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Cross (Work of the)

Book Code: 041

Pages: 256 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1980

ISBN: 0 86408 063 8

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About this Book

This book is the one the author has always wanted to write—beyond any other. On his missionary service in Pakistan he was called shere-e-salib, i.e. 'the lion of the cross'. This was, and is, because as a boy he had been overwhelmed by his experience of the Cross of Christ, and his zeal has always been fixed upon the Cross of Christ. Of course such a title 'the lion of the Cross' can only really belong to messiah himself.

The apostles of messiah understood the Cross in a way which was partly lost in the 'post-apostolic' period, and certainly in the 'dark ages' of the church's history. The reformers rediscovered the centrality of the Cross in biblical truth and doctrine, especially in the truth of justification. The true puritans were no less Cross-centered, and there where later renewals via the Atonement in the life of the Church and its various theological movements.

The death of a man is a common factor in human living. Why should one death—Messiah's—be more dynamic and significant than that of any other? Any death, of itself, may be no more than the termination of that person's life. What happened in Jesus' death was unique. Never man lived like that man, and never man died a death like his. His hours upon the Cross represent the divine mystery the unveiling of God's heart of love, no less than His being of holiness.

This book sets out to tell what happened 'up there', i.e. on the Cross. Whether the writer succeeds in interpreting this magnificent event, the reader must decide. Even so, the reading of Christ's Cross Over Man's Abyss is an exercise that should prove of real value, i.e. as a revelation of God's redeeming love, liberating the conscience, and giving freedom to both heart and mind.