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Oh, Father! Our Father!

Oh, Father! Our Father!

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Fatherhood of God

Book Code: 111

Pages: 97 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1983

ISBN: 0 94985 147 7

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Oh, Father! Our Father!ABOUT THIS BOOK

Oh, Father! Our Father! What could 'the man in the street' possibly want-or need-to read in a book on Fatherhood? Probably he would not know, but if he picked up this book of Geoffrey Bingham's writing he could quickly become intrigued.

The author's previous two titles on this fascinating subject were I Love the Father and Father! My Father!. Both volumes sold quickly and are out of print. Rather than publish new editions, Bingham decided that a more simple and racy book was needed. Also such a volume would need to relate to man where he is in life, and show that God's Fatherhood, far from being up in some aery-faery (theological) strata, is in fact intimately and powerfully related to where we are-now! His thoughtful and skilful weaving of the themes of fatherhood, familyhood, love relationships (and the like) present us with a pattern for true living.

The book not only opens up new vistas of thinking, but is, in itself, the way to personal healing of heart, mind and spirit, as we see what it is to become, and be, children of God and brethren in the family of man.

Geoffrey Bingham, who has been a farmer, journalist, soldier, prisoner of war, clergyman, missionary, college principal and executive director of a teaching ministry, has the elements of experience in his favourto say nothing of his theological acumen. Perhaps that is why he makes the subject almost as fascinating a, by natur, it is.