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Father! My Father!
Father! My Father!


Is it nothing to you, all of you who would by-pass it?

Finding the Father

A book previously written entitled, 'I Love the Father' is now out of print. Some of the material contained in this volume was discussed in that volume. Much more, however, has been written in this book. We also trust that the way in which this is written may be easier to follow.

What cheers us is that whereas until recently new material was being written concerning the Holy Spirit, now teachers, scholars and theologians are concentrating on a somewhat neglected subject, that of God as Father. The early Christian centuries saw a delving into Christology, that is, the Person and Work of Christ. Comparatively little attention was given, at least in research, to Pneumatology, that is the Person and Work of the Spirit. Even less was given to Pateriology, the Person and Work of the Father.

We are seeing now that the doctrine of the Trinity is one of our most priceless possessions. Church history has shown that where this is neglected the Church loses much ground. Whilst it may be quite artificial to lay to synthesise the three branches of Christology, Pneumatology and Pateriology, yet these three must be seen together, and as a whole, for that is how it is with the Triune God.

On the practical side, a whole area of research awaits those who will translate the principles of authority and relationships into those terms our day could understand, and experience, and so from which it could benefit. We are not suggesting that theology and theological research will make us understand God as Father in a new way. Any faithful peasant can understand Him, if he will. It is just that we have a habit of being helped and even influenced when the Church rediscovers many of its 'treasures new and old'. Some of these relate to the Fatherhood of God and the familyhood of His elect people.

Do not be put off by such an introduction. The matter we share is, for the most part, quite practical. We trust it will help us to come to, richer knowledge d the Father and His Family. We also hope it will enrich our own families. If so, then all of this will draw us closer to one another, and make us more practically the Family of the Father.


Title: Father! My Father!

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Fatherhood of God

Book Code: 057

Pages: 168 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1977

2nd Edition 2006

ISBN: 9597018 3 4

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