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The Sons of God Are the Servants of All

Sons of God Are the Servants of All (The)

Geoffrey Bingham

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Servants

Pages: 130 pp

Pub. Date: 1982

Book Code: 132

ISBN: 0 94985 175 2

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Sons of God


Christianity, of all faiths, introduced the world to the idea of a person serving others. This book tells why it is rational and fulfilling for human beings to do this. Underneath this simple idea lies a truth to which very few penetrate, namely, 'putting others before yourself.'

In days when human beings are putting themselves first, and scrambling for positions of security, the thought seems little more than a pious cliché, or a mild hope. To see it as this is to miss the amazing dynamic that lies within 'thinking of others before yourself.'

It is hardly likely to be popular with many, yet ultimately we are driven to this truth. Shining youngsters and broken oldsters will all have to take account of this practical love-principle. The writer of the book draws on basic truths of Scripture to make this point. Even so he has materials for his idea in the whole history of mankind.

It is a book to reckon with. Read too closely it would confront the reader with a new and fascinating way of life.

Don't say then, that you were not warned.