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Man of Dust! Man of Glory!

Man of Dust


Some years ago I wrote a small book entitled What is Man? The material in this formed the basis for an expanded publication called I, the Man! Both works were primarily theological, and the reading of them before reading the present volume could prove useful.

This volume, Man of Dust! Man of Glory! is an attempt to enter into Man as he was, and is, and will be, and to experience what he experienced, experiences and will experience. This sort of treatment is closer to our hearts than a directly theological one and especially so to our emotions. When we can feel our humanity and our personhood, then we are at home with the material we read.

A short story writer of quite some vintage, I have always been fascinated by human beings. Brought up in what might almost be called a severe school of theology, and having shared with humanity within the confines of a Japanese Prisoner-of-War camp, I have had plenty of time to observe human beings at close range.

The one at closest range of all is, of course, oneself. Too close to see ourselves properly, we have to wait on the kindness and frankness of our friends, no less than the censure of our enemies. What a shock to discover things about yourself! I remember clearly so many self-revelations, yet even these have not destroyed the high view of man, which I learned in the Scriptures. Jesus is, of course, man par excellence, and yet not so as to cast us into despair about ourselves.

It is a thrilling thing to discover what it is to be man, just a little lower than God! I trust that the reading of these essays, yes, they are essays, will be profitable to you as they proved to be to me in the writing of them. What makes their truth so wonderful is, to use the words of Athanasius, 'God became man, so that man might become God'. Of course he did not mean that man attains to Godhead, but that he becomes 'a partaker in the Divine Nature'.

Geoffrey Bingham

Coromandel, South Australia

Man of Dust! Man of Glory!

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Being Human

Book Code: 164

Pages: 148 pp, Book

Pub. Date: 1986

ISBN: 0 86408 041 7

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