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Primarily for Parsons
Three short stories
Primarily for Parsons: Three short stories

Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Short Stories

Pages: 52 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1987

Book Code: 188

ISBN: 0 86408 076 X

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Primarily for Parsons


The three stories in this little volume have been abstracted from two other books. 'The Preacher and the Parrot' is contained in the volume entitled The Concentration Camp (NCPI, Blackwood, S.A. 1983), and 'The Theological Student' and 'Soliloquy' in the volume I Saw in the Night Visions (NCPI 1986). Now assembled under the title Primarily for Parsons the collection is mainly designed for pastors and other clergy, and even for theological students. We hope the title will so intrigue others that they will buy it in the way that men buy books entitled 'For Women Only', or women purchase 'Only for Husbands'! In fact anyone might benefit from reading the present volume.

I am often asked whether this or that story I have written is fact or fiction. It is my delight and shrewdness mixed with a smidgen of teasing-never to let the questioner know. What we find in fiction is generally found in life anyway. The first two stories are written fairly tongue-in-cheek, and so I hope they will afford some amusement, as well as interest.

These days we are abstracting a story or an article from here or there, and putting them into a smaller volume because people's reading span seems to be diminishing. Anyway we all like to have a small book in the car or in purse or pocket to snatch a vagrant reading when time permits.

I trust you have as much fun and fruit from reading these stories as I have had in writing them.

By the way, there are plenty more available from whence these have come.

Geoffrey Bingham,

Coromandel East. July 1987