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The Day of the Spirit
Pastors' School 1999—Morning Studies

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Day of the Spirit (The)

S.A. Pastors' School 1999 Morning Studies

Subject: The Holy Spirit

Authors: various

Book Code: 347

Pages: 86pp, A4

Date: 1999

ISBN: 0 86408 228 2

School: Day of the Spirit

Ministry Schools are times when Christian workers can come together in a rich fellowship and worship, and share the minds of others on the great spiritual eternities, and the practics of church life.

This year’s theme is ‘The Day of the Spirit’. We know that it is the era of the Spirit, the time when the Spirit has come in special power and presence to form and aid and enliven the church of God, the Bride and Body of Christ.

The truth lies unrevealed without him, and the church is powerless unless he lead it. The seemingly brilliant alternatives which are before us today to make the church into a power community, a marketing structure and an attractive non-directive and entertaining body certainly tempt us out of the apostolic idea of the community of Christ. At this School we will be looking into these matters.


It is simply thrilling to know it is the age of the Spirit and that the Spirit is here to give us his leading and power which flows from the Triune God to the world of today.

The Day of the Spirit.The theme of this Pastors' School is also covered in Geoffrey Bingham's book The Day of the Spirit.



  The Day of the Spirit

Morning Studies

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