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Christ's Living Church—Today
Christ's Living Church Today

Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Subject: Christ & the Church

Book Code: 266

Pages: 57 pp, Booklet

Pub. Date: 1996

ISBN: 0 86408 110 3

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Christ's Living Church-Today


This little book does not set out on some theological or ecclesiastical witch-hunt, but rather it is written for us to come to some honest assessment as to where we are and what we are as Christ's church in today's world. Every local church has its critics of that local church, but this is not what we have in mind. Criticism may be negative, hurtful, and greatly harmful. What I trust will happen to readers of this book is that they will seek to get back to the foundation of the church by Christ and the Spirit, and see afresh the power of the gospel which launched the early church and has gone on initiating local churches ever since.

Geoffrey Bingham


From the Introduction

For some time the substance of this little book has been in my mind but not put on paper. I consider it most important that the material should be set out in a small book so that it can be easily read. Some years ago I wrote two books, Christ's People in Today's World[1] and Christ the Conquering King.[2] The first book deals in quite some detail with the subject of the church, but many today do not read books which have detail. I am hoping that those who read this present small volume will then go on to read both the books here stated.

Two problems have always presented themselves to the church, namely deficient doctrine and consequent deficient or wrong practice of the Christian faith. With this in mind I wrote a book Truth the Golden Girdle[3], and for a manual-type teaching volume The Things We Firmly Believe.[4] These books were intended to be of practical help to interested persons. It is rarely, however, that church members examine the faith and practice of their local congregation and, for that matter, their denomination.

The book has been written so that readers can go through the text without interruption by references or diversions from the basic material. Some may read it through without any reference to the notes, and that, for them, will be sufficient. Others will read it through and then go through a second time, and use the notes which substantiate statements made, and in some cases give amplification to the claims and argument. Yet others may be readers who read both text and footnotes as they go. None of this matters. I hope readers will form a clear picture of the initiation of the church by Christ, the factors which brought it into being, and which strengthened, sustained, and matured it.

All of this should be helpful and useful. Sometimes the church needs judgement to bring it to its senses. Sometimes it needs reformation and must be led into this. Often it needs to be revived by some sovereign act of God. All of these things will happen because Christ is the Head of the church and loves it. At the same time he calls us to be thoughtful, obedient, watchful, and those whom he can use to bring about the changes needed within the churches.

I hope many will read this small volume. I hope it will be of help to persons and also be used in group study or in preaching series. I pray the Lord of the church and of the harvest that this book will help to awaken His people who are sleeping and to encourage those who are awake and working.

Geoffrey Bingham

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