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Teaching Notes prepared by Rev. Geoffrey Bingham

Geoffrey Bingham

Rev. Geoffrey BINGHAM
Geoffrey Bingham has had a ministry throughout six States of Australia and in a number of countries overseas. An Anglican minister trained at Moore Theological College, he had pastored one church before going to Pakistan with his family under the aegis of the Church Missionary Society (CMS). There he was the Founder Principal of the Pakistan Bible Training Institute at Hyderabad Sindh. He saw revival break out along with his ministry and had a wide coverage on the Indian sub-continent and beyond.In 1966 he and the family returned to Australia and in 1967 he began as the Principal of the Adelaide Bible Institute (ABI, now Bible College of South Australia, BCSA) which had expanded quite quickly. He left the college in 1973. Shortly after, New Creation Teaching Ministry was formed.

These New Creation Classes are a small fraction of the Classes offered by
New Creation Teaching Ministry over a number of years. 

Notes for these studies are available for download as an Acrobat file

Study Title
C0001 Christian Communicators School 1989 Geoffrey Bingham
C0002 The Things We Firmly Believe 1988 Geoffrey Bingham
C0003 1 Corinthians (Commentary) 1998 Geoffrey Bingham
C0004 Introductions to books of the Bible:
The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians 1988
The SecondD Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians 1996
An Introduction to I Samuel, Chapters 1 to 18 1989
An Introduction to the First Epistle to the Thessalonians 1998
An Introduction to the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians 1988
Introduction to the Epistle to the Colossians 1988
The Epistle To The Colossians For The Church Of Today 1993
An Introduction to the Epistle to the Romans 1994
Introductory Study - Psalms 1992
'The Seven Signs' Exposition of the Gospel of John 1989
An Introduction to the Book of Deuteronomy 1991
An Essay of Deuteronomy 1996
An Introduction to the Book of Ecclesiastes 1990
An Introduction to the Epistle to the Ephesians 1991
Living in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: A summary of Ephesians 1
Introduction to the Epistle to the Galatians 1997
An Introduction to the Epistle to the Hebrews 1994
The Gospel of Mark 1991
Paul's letter to Titus
Various Geoffrey Bingham
C0005 II Corinthians(Commentary) 1992 Geoffrey Bingham
C0006 The Several Gifts of Israel 1999 Geoffrey Bingham (Christies Beach)
C0007 Living Faith Studies 1980 Geoffrey Bingham
C0008 Romans 2001 Geoffrey Bingham
C0009 Practical Christian Living (Christies Beach 1998) 1998 Geoffrey Bingham
C0011 The Way and Wonder of Worship 1995 Geoffrey Bingham
C0013 The Theme of Holiness 1998 Geoffrey Bingham
C0014 Authority Divine Celestial Human 1995 Geoffrey Bingham
C0015 Christian Doctrine of Atonement - Geoffrey Bingham
C0016 Worship 1995 Geoffrey Bingham
C0020 Power of God and Man (The) 1997 Geoffrey Bingham
C0025 Psalms 1992 Geoffrey Bingham
C0027 The Christian Troubled and Triumphant 1987 Geoffrey Bingham
C0028 The Revival God Gives 1992 Geoffrey Bingham
C0031 Eschatology 1992 Geoffrey Bingham
C0032 Colossians 1993 Geoffrey Bingham
C0034 Men and Woman of the Bible 1993 Geoffrey Bingham
C0035 Jesus is Lord! 1991 Geoffrey Bingham
C0036 Missionary Principles (Missiology) 1994 Geoffrey Bingham
C0042 Knowing and Doing the Will of God 1984 Geoffrey Bingham
C0046 Christ's Cross and Us 1979 Geoffrey Bingham
C0050 History of Missions 1980 Geoffrey Bingham
C0057 Living in Family- Together - Geoffrey Bingham
C0072 Pastoral Dynamics 2000 Geoffrey Bingham
C0074 Plan and Purpose of God - Geoffrey Bingham
C0075 Counselling for Our Comfort also 'Kindness of Counselling' 19871988 Geoffrey Bingham
C0078 Revelation: Themes 1984 Geoffrey Bingham
C0079 Practical Christian Living (38 Studies-1991) 1991 Geoffrey Bingham
C0081 The Prophetic Community in Action 1984 Geoffrey Bingham
C0087 Eternal and Present Covenant (The) 1999 Geoffrey Bingham
C0090 The Day of the Spirit 1985 Geoffrey Bingham and others
C0092 King His Great Kingdom - Geoffrey Bingham
C0095 The People of God 1989 Geoffrey Bingham
C0103 The Story of Glory and Holiness 1999 Geoffrey Bingham
C0108 Christian Ethics and the Modern Man 1989 Geoffrey Bingham
C0109 Great and Glorious Grace 1989 Geoffrey Bingham
C0110 Holy Loving Presence 1989 Geoffrey Bingham
C0111 Evangelism 1991 Geoffrey Bingham& Deane
C0112 Theology of the Triune God 1991 Various Speakers. Notes by Geoffrey Bingham