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Teaching Notes prepared by Rev. Martin Bleby

Martin Bleby

Martin is the Director of Ministry at New Creation, a role which involves supervision of the teaching program of the ministry, in class and by correspondence, and all other theological matters pertaining to the ministry.

Presented here is a collection of his notes from various schools and classes. See also his publications and music.

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Ezekiel 1995 ETS 109, ETS 126
Isaiah 1998 ETS 119
From Generation to Generation 1998 ITS 43
Job 1999 ETS130
God's Holy Love 2000 DR-1
Where Was God on Septmber 11 2001? 2001  

¿Dónde estuvo Dios el día 11 de septiembre de 2001?

2001 Where Was God on Septmber 11 2001? 9in Spanish)
Paul The Apostle 1998 ITS45
Christian Leadership 2003 Diocese of The Murray—Pastoral Assistants Conference
The Grace of God Has Appeared to All, Bringing Salvation 2004 ITS 69 (1 & 2) / Blackwood Hills Church: School of the Bible
Justified by Grace 2002 6 Weekly Classes 2002
Christian Leadership 2003 Pastoral Assisiants Conference, Anglican Diocese of the Murray
Fatherhood of God    
God of Jacob    
The Powers of the Age to Come 2004 Bible Address A.R.M.A. Word Prayer and Praise; St Francis’ Church Hall (Anglican) Christies Beach SA
Taught by God 2004 Wallaroo Fellowship Group
Alive to God 2005 August Gathering
The Indwelling God (1-4 ) 2005 Bethel Christian Church
Holiness of God & Social Justice 2005 End of Year Gathering, November
Incarnational God 2005 Discipleship Training Course
Hebrews 2005 On to Maturity (8 sessions) St. Wilfreds Church
A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit 2005 17th July Christ Church (Anglican) North Adelaide
The Merciful Master 2005 24th July Christ Church (Anglican) North Adelaide
This is Our God: Studies in Isaiah 2005 Thursday Morning Classes 2005 (Complete Notes)
The Victory That Conquers The World 2006 Gathering 2006
Gospel and Christian Ministry 2006 Christ Church Kapunda, 150th Anniversary
Sacraments: The Gift of God 2006 Weekly Class Term 2